The Aerospace sector remains one of the most successful sectors in UK manufacturing with annual sales around £22bn.  Nearly 75% of this output is in fact exported and the industry also employs over 100,000 people.

With a long term and sustained growth strategy, M&E Global has been able to increase its services and supply to match the many changes required to support this ever demanding arena. Our services have developed along with the UK Aerospace and Defence sector to reflect the need for greater globalisation plus the influence of new technology.  UK Aerospace is the largest market outside of the US and has been one of the UK’s strongest supply sectors for many years and very much at the heart of the services we supply.

We recognise and support many organisations as they face key issues including increased change, globalisation, smart acquisition and the increased need for skilled personnel – in an ongoing market of “cost down”. The UK Aerospace and Defence sectors experience the same lack of qualified staff as other arena’s. However, while some sectors turn overseas for recruitment options, this is not always viable due to security clearance issues of which M&E are fully aware.

Latest forecasts for the sector predict that over the next two decades, the world’s airlines will order twice as many aircraft as are flying today, as we all become more used to travelling and technology improves.

M & E has been a key supplier to international Aerospace engineering and defence organisations of all levels and on a global basis - completing assignments for a wide range of Engineers, Managers and Directors – from R&D through to manufacturing.

Our strength in this highly innovative and competitive market comes from a thorough understanding of our clients' market and recruitment needs. Our experienced team have extensive practical experience within Aerospace, enabling them to offer the very best solutions for permanent and contract recruitment positions.