Case Studies

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US Air Force / US Army Aviation Contractor Field Team Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

We have deployed up to 130 personnel to support aircraft that include UH60 Blackhawk, CH 47 Chinook and AH 64 Apache. Steady state maintenance is typically 2-3 aircraft per month and Reset activity requires surge response for typically between 5-6 aircraft per month.


US Marine Corps RG31 MRAP Upgrade

M&E was subcontracted to GDLS Canada for technical support for implementing the Block Upgrade 3 Upgrade, maintenance and repair for 507 US Marine Corps RG31 MRAP vehicles in Kuwait. This upgrade involved 66% of the vehicle being replaced with new parts.


Operational Maintenance and Augmentation Support for 2SCR Stryker Brigade

M&E subcontracted to GDLS to provide support and operational maintenance for Stryker Brigades when they are at their home base and also when deployed on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Functions include Reset, Retrofit, battle damage repair, Modification and upgrade (including up-armouring).


AVCRAD W91270-10-R-003 Sub-con No.M2-DMS-SUBK-10-005

DMS Group LLC (the US subsidiary of M&E Global Holdings Ltd) is a subcontractor to M2 to provide maintenance and preservation/corrosion control support to National Guard aviation assets.  Aircraft supported include UH-60 Blackhawk, OH-58C and OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, CH-47D Chinook and AH-64 Apache.


Oil & Gas - Plant Update Program (1)

M&E was contracted for the provision of technical staff, for a specific 6 week Summer “shutdown” programme. This would require an uplift of numbers in a short space of time with a planned schedule of deployment including Pipe Fitters, Riggers and specialist Bolting Technicians.