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Provide Operational Maintenance and Augmentation Support for 2SCR Stryker Brigade.

Prime: General Dynamics land Systems US
Subcontractor: M&E Europe
Place of Performance: Germany,Qatar & Iraq
Performance Dates: August 2006 on- going - various programmes


Outline of Programme

M&E subcontracted to GDLS to provide support and operational maintenance for Stryker Brigades when they are at their home base and also when deployed on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Functions include Reset, Retrofit, battle damage repair, Modification and upgrade (including up-armouring) and equipment training support.


Key Achievements

  • Proven ability to rapidly deploy workforce on a global basis (including operational environment) in a fully compliant manner, to support them while deployed and recover at task completion.
  • Rapid establishment and then on-going support of workshop and logistic facilities in Vilseck Germany that immediately enabled availability targets to be met and provided a firm launch point for operational deployment.
  •  Establishment of facilities in deployed and operational conditions in variety of countries and environments.
  • Completed the Alaska reset contract ahead of schedule.
  • Battle Damage Repair: Working with GDLS, M&E implemented new procedures and processes that reduced rebuild time per vehicle from 200 days to 60 days.

Summary of Service Provided Under this Contract

Working with GDLS, M&E played a key role in converting a bare hanger into a reset and maintenance facility and a second empty vehicle hanger into a stores and supply facility. M&E has subsequently utilized these facilities to perform:

  • Equipment receipt and inspection.
  • All levels of maintenance to ensure Fully Mission Capable (FMC) status.
  • Assembly and component repairs/replacements.
  • Reset and retrofit of equipment.
  • Application of modifications and upgrades.
  • User maintenance training and support to pre-deployment training exercises.
  • Care of supplies in storage (Left behind equipment).
  • Logistic support.
    o Receiving, inventory and distribution of upgrade kits, stock items, supplies & consumables.
    o Reporting production progress and ensuring appropriate availability of supplies.

M&E employees were deployed to forward operating bases (FOB) in Iraq to maintain the brigade’s equipment for the duration of their combat mission. Facilities in Iraq were taken over, modified to meet specific requirements and then operated for 18 months under operational conditions.

M&E deployed to Kuwait, established temporary facilities, trained locals and fitted and removed the additional exterior slatted armour and under vehicle up-armour and conducted technical inspections to all of the Stryker variants prior to entry to Iraq and upon exit.

Stryker Battle Damage Repair (BDR) Facility: Subcontracted to GDLS to provide Heavy Wheel Mechanics and Welders to at the Battle Damage Repair Facility in Qatar. Task requires complete rebuild and each vehicle.

Deployed to and established facilities in bare hanger and then conducted RESET of 1/25 SCR Stryker Brigade and support across all levels of maintenances.

Statement of performance by General Dynamics Land Systems for M&E Europe Support to Maintenance and Logistics Augmentation Support to Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCTs):
Over the last eight years, M&E Europe has provided outstanding maintenance support for a variety of Stryker Projects as a subcontractor for GDLS, meeting all contractual requirements to include exceeding Operational Readiness, Scheduled Services, Monthly Reset Production Rates and Battle Damage Production rates.

M&E personnel have worked as a key partner with GDLS tea, bringing skills, commitment and responsive flexibility that has enabled GDLS to meet its contractual objectives in a period typified by change driven by operational necessity. Specifically M&E Provided:

  • Direct Labor on a continuous basis under budget
  • Responsive surge labor to expanded requirements
  • Additional Skill sets upon request (supply, administrative & maintenance)
  • Site Logistics support for material, MHE, and transportation
  • Assistance for housing in OCONUS sites 
  •  Liaison support in theatre