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US Air Force/US Army Aviation Contractor Field Team Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

Prime: DynCorp International
Subcontractor: M&E Europe
Place of Performance: Mannheim / Illesheim USAF bases
Performance Dates: May 2010 ongoing

Outline of Programme:

M&E Europe Ltd (the European subsidiary of M&E Global Holdings Ltd) is a subcontractor to DynCorp International to provide maintenance and, in particular, reset capabilities for USAREUR aviation assets.

We have deployed up to 130 personnel to support aircraft that include UH60 Blackhawk, CH 47 Chinook and AH 64 Apache. Steady state maintenance is typically 2-3 aircraft per month and Reset activity requires surge response for typically between 5-6 aircraft per month. This work was initially conducted at Manheim but under USAEUR reorganization has moved to Illesheim. M&E personnel have redeployed to Illesheim and are now providing support from new facilities where we worked with DynCorp to establish.

Key Achievements

Rapid adjustment of skill sets and numbers in response to change requirements:

  • A specific strength of M&E is its ability to respond to change requirements in a rapid and flexible manner. M&E works closely with DynCorp to respond to change requirements both in terms of aircraft types and throughput. This has included surge response to post-operational RESET and to enable deployment to support current operations.
  • Meeting and exceeding output quality and time requirements.
  • Ongoing full compliance with US and European legal and security requirements.

Summary of Service Provided Under this Contract

M&E Europe provides a team of skilled and qualified individuals for a wide variety of maintenance and related logistic support activities with skill sets that encompass:

  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • GSE Mechanics
  • Hydraulic Technicians
  • Aerospace Welders
  • Machinist Maintenance / Tool & Die Makers
  • Sheet Metal Technicians
  • Computer Operator III
  • Shipping/Receiving Clerk
  • Production Control Clerks (ULLS-A/E)
  • SR Clerks/Stock Clerks
  • Production Control Clerk
  • Warehouse Specialists

Relocation of workforce from Manheim to Illesheim, establishment of workshop in bare hanger and provision of
life support in new location.

Post-contract statement from DynCorp onsite representatives:

The on-going support of the M&E team has been critical to the successful completion of this programme.

M&E people have shown great flexibility and adaptability not only in delivering to the demands of the end customer,
but in constantly developing their own skills to be able to provide an all-round quality of service. The people
provided have excellent backgrounds and capability, with attitudes to continually improve.

Customer service is a crucial element of the programme, along with the mentality of producing high quality work
and a focus on delivering to tight timescales. The M&E team consistently delivers and flex’s to allow all aspects
to be achieved while interfacing on an on-going basis with our Managers to ensure completion.