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AVCRAD W91270-10-R-003 Sub-con No.M2-DMS-SUBK-10-005

Prime: M - Sunrise Beach Corp
Subcontractor: DMS GroupLLC (US subsidiary)
Place of Performance: Gulfport Mississippi, US
Performance Dates: June 2010 go June 2015


Outline of Programme

DMS Group LLC (the US subsidiary of M&E Global Holdings Ltd) is a subcontractor to M2 to provide maintenance and preservation/corrosion control support to National Guard aviation assets.  Aircraft supported include UH-60 Blackhawk, OH-58C and OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, CH-47D Chinook and AH-64 Apache.  The depot covers Army National Guard assets in the nine South-Eastern States, as well as the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Typical throughput is [6] aircraft per month.

We have sourced and deployed a fully experienced team of over 30 technicians and specialists, including ongoing programme management and co-ordination across the supply and client base.

Key Tasks

Tasks include scheduled/unscheduled maintenance including aviation unit maintenance (AVUM), aviation intermediate maintenance (AVIM), limited depot maintenance, preventative maintenance, scheduled inspections/tests, GSE repair/services.

Scope of work includes:

  • Remove and installation of engines, transmissions, gearboxes, and other major components to facilitate major repair and overhaul of the airframe.
  • Repair/replace unserviceable parts, assemblies and subassemblies/components, fabricate parts, corrosion control and aircraft & component painting.
  • Apply aircraft and component modifications (MWOs).
  • Repair and service powertrain, hydraulic, rotor and auxiliary components, airframe and structural repair and return aircraft, aircraft components and ground support equipment to full mission capable condition.
  • Conduct preservation and corrosion control / paint work.

Summary of Service Provided Under this Contract

DMS Group LLC provides a team of skilled and qualified individuals for a wide variety of maintenance and related logistic support activities with skill sets that encompass:

  • Aircraft Mechanic III (Inspector)
  • Aircraft Mechanic I
  • Aircraft Mechanic I (Electronics)
  • Aircraft Mechanic I (Sheet metal)
  • Aircraft Painter
  • Computer Programmer II
  • Technician

Key achievements

In supporting this programme the team provided by DMS Group LLC, has consistently hit the minimum quality and productivity targets, with a steady team and an AFR of less than 1% p/quarter.