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US Marine Corps RG31 MRAP Upgrade

Prime: GDLS Canada
Subcontractor: M&E Europe
Place of Performance: Kuwait (MRAP Sustainment Facility)
Performance Dates: 01/08/2011 to 31/01/2013

Outline of Programme:

M&E was subcontracted to GDLS Canada for technical support for implementing the Block Upgrade 3 Upgrade, maintenance and repair for 507 US Marine Corps RG31 MRAP vehicles in Kuwait. This upgrade involved 66% of the vehicle being replaced with new parts.

Key Achievements

  • Deployed over 90 technical specialists to Kuwait via the IRDO in US with the first deployment of fully processed staff after only 21 days - all roles filled within 5 weeks.
  • Successful development and delivery of a deployment, execution and support plan by a dedicated M&E PM who was deployed one month prior to the commencement of contract start. This PM was selected for his previous experience of establishment and provision of maintenance support services.
  • The establishment of a fully functional workshop within 2 months of contract start.
  • Delivery of quality and efficiency through the development, testing and proving of the process and procedures by M&E experts and Team leaders with specific expertise of working on heavy military vehicles in similar austere circumstances.
  • Rapid achievement of high quality output demonstrated by delivery of three zero-defect vehicles 4 months after programme start.
  • Performance targets for quality were regularly beaten and the contract to upgrade 507 vehicles completed 4 months ahead of time.

Summary of Service Provided Under this Contract

Fielding a team of 93 managers, field service representatives, specialists (including coded welders) and logistics experts and; operating under GDLS prime control M&E Europe:

  •  Established the Level 3/4 facility in a bare hanger
    1. Installed and commissioned workshop equipment.
    2. Where necessary sourced and procured equipment locally.
  •  Established and proved the operating process.
  • Trained vehicle 160 assemblers in that process.
  •  Conducted the incoming inspection on receipt of the vehicle and produced work order relevant to that specific vehicle to enable upgrade.
  • Stripped Vehicle down to the Hull and assemblies.
  • Removed, inspected and repaired/replaced of all major assemblies and components retained for rebuild.
  • Inspected and repaired vehicle hulls and chassis (including certified welding).
  • Applied modification work orders / upgrades process (providing Team Leads).
  • Painted and reassembled vehicles.
  • Conducted final Quality Assurance Quality Control.
  • Provided logistical support (requisitions, receipt, inventory / storage, distribution)
  •  Provided project control.
  • Maintained individual vehicle records.

Through local agents provided sponsorship, visas and accommodation; transportation services and local purchase of hire equipment and consumable items.

Post-contract statement from GDLS Canada:

During the period July 2010 – January 2013 M&E Europe was a core subcontractor to GDLS Canada for the delivery of vehicles under a particular international contract. Under this subcontract, M&E provided 93 personnel which included: Field Service Representatives; lead production, scheduling and QA/QC positions; coded welders; and logistic expertise.

M&E worked with GDLS Canada from the outset of the contract and continued through the term of the contract to meet its obligations by supporting the set-up of facilities; proving processes; training personnel and procuring local goods and services in support of same.

March 2012 – email from GDLS PM:

On our weekly TACOM telecon today, the USG made a point of thanking the Kuwait team for presenting three zero defect trucks in the last week. Please ensure you pass along our appreciation to the entire team for this great work! I remember looking at one of the first trucks, when I was in Kuwait last year, that had over 200 defects. To present three trucks with zero defects in one week, only four months later, is something to be proud of!