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For over 20 years M&E Global has established an excellent record for complex maintenance, engineering, refurbishment and rebuilding tasks including related logistic support.  The company roots lie in the oil, gas construction and fabrication industries.  Working in demanding and austere environments where minimal infrastructure exists is a particular strength. 

Global support developing national infrastructure and skills:  M&E’s skills, methods and ethos are well suited to the establishment, regeneration and support of national, industrial and expeditionary infrastructure; including extraction and energy industries.  M&E believe in the importance of leaving an enduring national capability on project completion.  The company and its staff are well-versed in the important aspect of working with, training, managing and mentoring local workforces.  

Managed to meet through-life project needs:  M&E is proud of its ability to deliver projects to the highest quality standards, to time and to cost.  Having rapidly established the delivery environment and facilities, M&E will respond to the changing through-life needs of projects.  Its ability to plan support-solutions, mobilise and rapidly deploy highly skilled experts in properly-formed, well-managed teams is central to M&E’s ability to offer its customers a flexible, scalable and highly cost-effect solution.  

Capabilities that underpin M&E Project Services include:

  • Innovative, driven and supported leadership
    • M&E management and leaders are driven to succeed.  They employ innovation, pragmatism and focus to ensure that plans deliver output objectives.  M&E incentivises its deployed workforce to deliver through high quality leadership and management underpinned by robust infrastructure and support.
  • Planning and Management skills
    • High quality execution is ensured through detailed planning by qualified M&E personnel who will be responsible for eventual delivery.   
  • Process and Quality Management
    • Application of programme management and quality management processes underpin M&E’s project services.  M&E will design, test and implement the delivery solution; training and overseeing the workforce to ensure rapid achievement of output.  A process of continual improvement drives increased efficiency throughout the term of contract.  
  • Partnering and Risk Management
    • M&E works to develop a close and open relationship with its clients to ensure common understanding and to enable early identification and mitigation of risk and exploitation of opportunities.
  • Facilities, Infrastructure
    • M&E prides itself on understanding the project needs, the realities of delivery and the demands and implications of the local environment.  This enables rapid and efficient establishment of facilities and infrastructure – both to deliver the project and to support the deployed workforce that will deliver success.
  • Supply
    • M&E levers its established supply network and in-country partners to rapidly impliment and develop supply chains and logistic support.  Subcontractors are incentivised through clearly articulated objectives and managed through regular review.  M&E is well versed in working with locally employed labour.  Training, managing and mentoring are key to success.
  • Through-life
    • M&E draws upon its broad multi-skilled resource base to provide a flexible and pragmatic response tailored to the differing needs and demands throughout the life of a programme.
  • Specialist
    • The M&E team of specialist recruiters maintains a large and constantly updated pool of highly skilled and qualified personnel.  This covers highly skilled engineers, managers and leaders, technical specialists, fabricators logistic and administrative personnel.  High quality people are at the heart of the M&E offer.  Correct and careful management of our resource before, during and after the project is critical to us.
  • Rapid compliant deployment.
    • Those accepted to represent M&E hold the qualifications, certification and training to deliver the task.  They are ready, willing and able to deploy at short notice - including to austere and operational environments.  M&E understands the environment and has the process to ensure rapid deployment that complies with all international and local laws and procedures.

A total solution delivered through a network of synergistic companies: M&E Global has a wide network of partner companies that can bring differing and synergistic skills and experience. M&E uses this to assemble a team and solution specifically designed for the job in hand. In so doing M&E may act as prime contractor or, if it is more appropriate for the task, it will agree that another company should take the prime contract to lead the programme.

M&E Key principles are:

  • Designing and delivering the best solution for the customer.
  • Working in a team-based environment in which all parties involved have clear objectives and responsibilities to drive overall success.


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