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For over a decade M&E has forged an excellent reputation for its support of complex military land equipment.  M&E expertise and experience covers the full spread of tactical and support equipment including heavy, medium, light, tracked and wheeled vehicles, engineering and logistic support equipment and power generation equipment.  

M&E supports base maintenance and operational and training deployments on a global basis.  It has specific experience of working in Europe, the Middle East / South West Asia and the United States.  This included teams deployed into forward operating bases to support recent operations. 

Functions carried out by M&E include:

  • Depot and field support
  • Maintenance, repair, overhaul, upgrade, rebuild, battle damage repair
  • Logistic support (including transport)
  • Care of equipment in storage

Qualified and certified personnel provided by M&E include:

  • Programme managers
  • Production Control Planners / managers
  • Testing, validation and quality assurance Engineers
  • Field Service Representatives
  • Vehicle Mechanics
  • Hydraulic Technicians
  • Electronics technicians
  • Communications technicians
  • Certified / coded welders
  • Corrosion prevention and painting experts
  • Machinist Maintenance / Tool & Die Makers
  • Sheet Metal Technicians
  • Shipping/Receiving Clerks
  • Stores, stock and accounting Clerks
  • Computer Operators
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Production Control Clerks
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Material Handlers
  • Drivers

Rapid Mobilisation and establishment of facilities:  M&E’s rapid mobilisation extends beyond deployment of
personnel to the speedy establishment Rapid establishment of facilities designed to facilitate the task in hand.

Responsive flexibility:  M&E will respond to the changing through-life needs of projects to provide its customers
a flexible, scalable and highly cost-effect solution.  

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