Customer Service

Using qualified, committed and supported professionals we:

  • Meet customer targets for cost, performance and time.
  • Minimise customer risk.
  • Provide rapid, flexible global response.

Resource Planning

From initial contact to completion we always maintain a close working relationship with our clients so that both parties are involved in the planning of resource recruitment. Sourcing the most relevant manpower from our large, continually updated database ensures we respond swiftly and accurately to industry needs.

Selection & recruitment procedure

We know how to select the best candidates for the job – the questions to ask, the experience to evaluate and the career omissions to be wary of. With vast experience of deploying personnel all over the world we also understand the exacting legal, medical and immigration requirements that our client’s missions will involve. This is why the recruitment of all M&E candidates is co-ordinated by a senior industry professional, giving you confidence in the process as well as the personnel.

Liaison and Supervision

Our role is not finished when your candidates have been deployed. The M&E team regularly liaise with clients and contractors, monitoring and addressing all issues and challenges throughout the life of a project. Whether it’s evaluating the success of a job or responding to an unexpected emergency, M&E are the first to help solve any emerging challenges.



We enjoy consistently positive feedback from our customers and have exemplary references to allow new customers to learn more about out services.

"A cut above the others"

"In the top 10% on quality, reliability and delivery"

"A plug and play solution"